My Top 5 FREE Apps for Social Media and Business

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How do you plan your feed? How do you edit your photos? How do you create cool graphics? 

Well, here’s your answers friend. I’ve done a round up of my top 5 most used and favourite FREE (yes, free!) apps for social media. I use these apps almost daily to help me run my socials  (@tayloraller and @relationshipproject) like a pro. They save me time and moolah, WOOP! So, of course I’m gonna share it with you ‘cause I gotchu friend! And you should know, none of these are sponsored or affiliates (although they really should be because I toot their horns everywhere!).

Here we go:


This is hands down my most used and favourite app for Instagram. UNUM allows you to design out your feed so it looks just the way you want it to with drag and drop features. You can prep your content ahead of time by writing out your captions, and pre-saved “Hashtag Clouds” to cut time. There’s even reminders to yourself to post in your best times*. (There’s no automatic scheduling feature, just the reminder notifications). The best part, it’s free and you can manage more than one account and post through to Instagram from the app as well!


Don’t have a business account on Instagram and want to know the best times to post? This is the app you need. It shows you the best times for engagement down to the minute based on your audience. Is it 100% accurate? Probably not. Is it pretty darn good? Yep. (And FREE)


Bring out the inner web-designer in you with this basic app that can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop. Create graphics for promotion, quotes you love, flyers and event banners, with pre-set canvas sizes for instagram, facebook, blogging, print and more. They have layouts for you to work from or you can start from scratch and create your own. SO GOOD. (And freeeeee!)

4. SnapSeed

An easy to use and professional looking photo editing app. If you’re taking photos straight from your smartphone and would like them to look extra special, this is a great app for you. My fav feature is the selective brush to brighten or darken select areas and that it’s FREE!


How do they get their feed photos to look so uniform? VSCO filters. They have so many great ones to choose from and a great customizable editing bar that help your photos look “put together”. Select one you love, apply it at your desired level to all your photos, and bam—looks on brand. And, you guessed it—FREE!

There you have it, my top 5 and most used apps for social media. Tell me, do you use these too? Do you have any favs you’d add to this list? Let me know below!