Taylor has worked with:

What They Say:

“Taylor is a vibrant speaker whose enthusiasm and drive really inspires others to take action in their business. On an individual level, Taylor’s ability to connect with others and offer useful business tools and strategies has been so valuable to me during the beginning stages of my business. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to start or grow a business seek Taylor’s expertise."

— A.K.

“Taylor is a woman who wears many hats!”

"To meet Taylor in person, with her beaming smile and contagious zest for life, it's hard to imagine her any other way. We were so excited to not only shoot photos with Taylor but also hear what she has to share."

— I Like Her Style Vancouver

“By far the biggest help.”

"Taylor is by far the biggest help I've ever had medically. She understands how it feels, having sustained injuries herself. She is extremely skilled at what she does, and I am forever grateful to have her as my RMT. There truly is no one who cares as much as she does."

— A.J.

- Video sent by N. I.

"She does an exceptional job of relaying it to us in a way that we can all understand it and apply it properly. Having her speak to the company will continue to be something I look forward to because it is undoubtedly a valuable asset especially when it comes from such a capable speaker such as Taylor."

— TwoFourSeven Company

“As an RMT, excellent. As a person, The best!”

"I feel Taylor goes above and beyond with her care. She listens, offers information that is helpful, and best of all, you feel she is really present. Taylor often suggests and demonstrates stretches and exercises to do at home during the week to continue recovery. There aren’t enough words to express my
grateful and how fortunate I feel to have her as part of my health care team."

— M.Y.

"She has a wealth of knowledge."

"Taylor has come in several times to speak with the group and she does such a great job of informing us of what our bodies are capable of and what they need in order to execute at its full potential. It's more than just listing facts. It's about relating to the client in such a way that they can better understand specifically what they need to do in their lives to ensure better health. Taylor does just that and more."

— C.A.


"Working with Taylor has been a highly positive, healing experience. I say "working with" because Taylor exhibits a commitment to educating and inspiring self-care as part of her role. She has made all the difference for me in both acute and maintenance phases; I highly recommend Taylor - she's knowledgable, skilled, considerate, kind and practical. She is always my first choice for massage therapy in Vancouver!"

— M.D.

“Helpful beyond belief.”

"Taylor took the time to properly explain to me what was wrong with my body and why it was feeling like that. She continued to explain the sorts of treatment options that were available, and which ones she would be using, so that as she was working on me, I would understand what was going on and what she was doing. This was helpful beyond belief."

— A.J.

“Thank you, Taylor!”

"Taylor is a compassionate and reliable therapist. She is an attentive and empathetic therapist, always ensuring I get exactly what I need from my session and makes me feel very comfortable when receiving the treatment. As someone who suffers from body pains on a regular basis my massages have really helped me feel much better. Thank you Taylor!" 

— M.L.