Make It Happen Planner


How many times have you felt like you have too much on your plate?

That you’re now having to give away energy you never had in the first place?

That you have to be everything to everyone?

That you’re in a fight or flight mode all the time and sacrifice sleep for getting things done?

That you don’t have space for the things you need to “make time for” and at the very least silence and solitude?

That deep down you believe and have been acting like others are more important than you.

That trying to “have it all” just really leads to falling apart?

Yeah, me too.

I’ve said this before on different interviews but as a multipotentialite I’ve hit burnout twice. It was horrible. I burnt myself on both ends and destroyed myself in the process. Twice.

WHO DOES THAT? (Raises hand slowly, oops.)

Then, I told myself, “You’re gonna change this Taylor. You can not do this again.”

So, I started to research ways to be more productive and to be honest, as a chronic “I achieve for worthiness” recover-er, I nailed a bunch of these. Batch working, priorities, sacrifice, stamina, etc. But I didn’t know where to stop. I didn’t know how to balance the other end of that. I didn’t know how to slow down.

Now I know, this sounds backwards towards making things happen, but trust me. This is where it was at. I had to slow mo my future in order to actually factor in what was most important to me.

So I dove into balance and long term reverse engineering as autopilot.
(We’ll dive into what that actually means, hang on.)

That worked.

With this new combo of systems, I am getting the things I value, my priorities, checked off. Things like rest, nourishing my body, going to bed early, creativity, waking up without an alarm, and of course crushing my goals.

Hosting two events with The Relationship Project, volunteering, speaking, working at the clinic, teaching, and more. Jake and I together started crushing our financial goals, too but that’s a whole other post. AND it’s felt like a breeze for the most part.

Then the folks I was around at the time kept asking even more, “How do you get so much done?”

Well, I’m here to spill those secrets with you. And let me start with the hard ones.

  1. I don’t have children. Yep—all that time it would take to raise humans, I have in my pocket.

  2. I have help. My husband, my friends, automation systems, meal delivery. 

  3. It‘s boring. Like legit boring and not really fun. (Well, it’s fun for me, but I’m weird.) The work it took dig into this structure was a lot. Expect it to take days to complete. But when it’s in place? EASY.

It’s still overwhelming sometimes because even though you can plan out your life, you still gotta work on YOU.

I think this combo of systems works so well now because of WHO I am working towards being. Someone who is well rounded, forgiving to myself, patient (well trying to be), and manages anxiety. This system won’t give you that. Straight up. If there’s unhappiness and unworthiness in the picture, that won’t change with a fancy planner.

Whew. Okay now that the hard truth is out there, let’s dive in shall we? Who’s still here with me?

Oh wait! One more thing.

This isn’t the bible. We aren’t creating something that we have to superglue ourselves to.

4 years is a long time, things will change! And that’s okay. This is designed to create the BEST autopilot possible. The best default setting. Where you can just look at your calendar or planner or to do list and KNOW it’s taking you to incredible places. 

We are going to start with the end of 4 years and go backwards (reverse engineer) so that when you go about day to day and walk through this default setting you’ll autopilot to your future.

Okay, get started friend! DOWNLOAD THE PLANNER HERE and follow the steps below.

Here we go:

  1. Start at your heart, then get specific. The structure of this planner is to reverse engineer large concepts into daily (even down to 10 minute) practices. Start with your big heart values and priorities. Cut it down to top 3 in each.

  2. What does that look like everyday? Get specific. What does working out actually look like for you? Running? (Ew.) Boxing? Lunges? Zumba on your Wii? Going for a walk? It has to be something that you would actually do everyday and enjoy. What does self care look like every day? Family? Business? Be specific!

  3. What are your goals in 4 years? Close your eyes and imagine yourself 4 years older. Where will you have travelled? Where will you be living? What will you be doing for work? Who is beside you? How much money do you have in the bank? How do you feel? 

  4. Now, is this in alignment? Choose your top goals and ask yourself, “Do these big picture goals match my values and priorities?” Are they part of the values you could practice daily? Are they a priority you will do above others? If you want a healthy body in 4 years but don’t value fitness and health, how does that work? Does anything need to shift here? Is there something missing?

  5. Whew, you’re doing great. If right now you’re overwhelmed, you’ve got two choices. Stay here with me or exit out of this post. I know this work isn’t for everyone and if it’s not for you that’s okay! This post will still be here when you’re ready. Come back to it, I’ll leave it up! Or you can reach out to me and I’ll walk with you over days to complete this. Side by side. Right now, we’re only doing a brief run down. You have days you’ll schedule to be thorough with this. Breathe. Okay, ready?

  6. Year break down. Divide this big plan into realistic yearly chunks. Then, write it in each as if you have completed it. “I have travelled to paris and france.” “I have crossed 6 figures.” “I am an exceptional wife who grows herself.” “I meditate everyday.” Remember your priorities and values. These need to be a factor we look at to keep us due north. They’re our compass, right?

  7. More break down. We have this structure for the 4 years. Take the time now to write this out for each year. Remember, this isn’t the bible. We are making this our best possible default setting. This is what we’re aiming for.

  8. Divide into quarters. So often when I get the question, “How do you do so much?” I tell folks, I don’t do it by myself and I don’t do it all at once. Quarter planning is my secret sauce. I operate in quarters. 3 month chunks. For 3 months I focus on only one or two things. That’s it. Then by the time the year is done, there’s 4-8 things I’ve checked off. By 4 years? 16-32. WHOA. Okay, slow your roll. Year one.

  9. Now, more break down. Whew—see what I meant by the work is boring and not fun? Yeah, hang in there. We just went into year one for ya with the planner, but each year can be done in this process. Break down each quarter into 3 separate months where you have your goals outlined. There’s also space for important dates like bdays, annis, weddings, travel, holidays, etc. Each quarter is broken down this way.

  10. Then, the juiciest part. We’re finally at the monthly break down. Take your monthly goal from your quarterly break down and dive into a TO DO list. Then, keep your values and priority practices in mind. Remember your daily tasks, values and priorities? Are they in there? Revisit them and add them in. If it’s not in the schedule it won’t happen. Okay, any other specific important things to remember or do this month? (Refer to your quarters for important dates, holidays, taxes, etc)

  11. Then, open up your own weekly or daily planner of choice and plug that shit in. Going to bed early. BAM. Lunges at home. BAM. Date night with your partner. BAM. Write out email funnel for business. BAM. Travel to see mom. BAM. Your work schedule BAM. See what I mean? Yesssss. Your schedule will look like a crazy mess. But it’s not. It’s a plan. AND it’s a fun plan when there’s tea time, going to bed early, taking a walk, date nights and sleep in’s scheduled in there, too. 

  12. You made it. This is where it ends. That’s it. You repeat this for every month or week. You can do 6 months in advance, a quarter at a time, a year at a time. Your choice.

Alright ya with me?? YAY!! A couple more things…


  1. Leave buffer time in your weekly and daily planners, don’t pack unrealistically. Seriously, add that white space in.

  2. Have a weekly check in EVERY week to add these in. (That’s what we do!) We meet every Sunday and front load the week together. We pull out these planners and fit the puzzle pieces where we can.

  3. Make it as fun as you can. Unless you’re weird like me and love this stuff—again—it is boring. Not fun. So make it fun! We call it Cozy Goals at our house. We light a candle, get something yummy to drink, wear comfy clothes, have snacks and dive in.

  4. Give yourself permission to change it if you need to but also the permission to discipline yourself to stick to it. If you miss something on the docket, where else can you place it? Are you always sacrificing this? Is this REALLY a value? (We only have 6 we chose, you can stick to that!)

  5. Ask for help! I’m here. I’ve got you. And as boring as I think this is, I actually love it. I would love to help you if you’d like. Shoot me a message and we can set something up!

Okay—go celebrate! You sat through this whole thing! BUT before you go. Plan 3 hours in the next week, as a group or separated, to ACTUALLY complete this. (‘Cause I know you might have just skimmed this to see if it’s worth it. (I do that too!) And now that you know it is, plan the time sweet friend!)

Comments? Questions? Leave them below!